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    Not every roofing company can be there when you need them for rain or shine, winter blues or bad weather headaches—but our team at Classic Roofing & Gutters can. We’ve been in the business for over two decades, and our third generation of quality roofing services comes with a vast array of knowledge and problem solving. We have the tools in our belt to help you make the most of your roof, gutters, soffits, and fascia.

    Our experience has proven over and over how significant honesty and communication are in providing quality service. We never try to haggle you into a roof repair you don’t really need, nor do we try to make you spend your money on any other service that you don’t really need. Throughout our process of working with you, we keep you in the loop every step of the way, so that the only mystery for you in working with us is how we were able to do such an amazing job when it’s finished! For the best in roofing and gutter cleaning in Alpharetta, GA, we are the place to go.

    We Embrace the Insurance Process

    The idea of trying to jump through the right hoops to get insurance for a much needed home repair probably sounds like an awful way to spend a Saturday afternoon. We maintain an excellent relationship with insurance companies, and we’re committed to seeing that financing come through as soon as possible. Our positive communication and dedication makes things go smoothly for us, and for you, in getting all the right funding for your home in the instance of water leaks, hail damage, wind damage, and storm damage.

    Customer Service Is What It’s All About

    This isn’t the Classic Roofing & Gutter show in Alpharetta, GA. This about seeing our customers where they’re at, and stepping into their world and their repair and maintenance needs, to understand both their concerns and the reality of what problems their home may be needing maintenance for. We don’t make our services about making the extra buck—we make it about providing the best customer service around. Schedule your next appointment today for your next roof replacement!