Whether you want to protect your new commercial roof or get a few more years from your aging system, roof coatings may be the answer for you. So, let’s learn a bit about the roof coating systems offered by Classic Roofing, the premier commercial roofing contractor in the metro Atlanta area. If you are in need of a roof coating for your commercial building, give Classic Roofing a call for a professional free quote today. And remember, their roofing quotes are always free.

Commercial Roof Coating

Oftentimes, commercial buildings require a commercial roof coating that will protect the surface from the elements. A roof coating protects the roof membrane from UV rays and other harmful weather conditions. Coating provides a waterproof layer on your existing flat roof and improves the fire resistance of the roof system. This provides roof longevity without having to replace the entire roof. There are a variety of coating types they use at Classic Roofing, depending on the customer’s needs. Typically, roof coatings are silicone based or elastomeric to allow for flexibility. Commercial roof coatings are designed to provide protection from leaks, ponding water, and sun damage. Call Classic Roofing for an estimate for your commercial building. To see more types of coating for commercial roofs that they use, see below for more information.

Acrylic coatings are water-based and generally sold in white, tan, and gray. They also come in different colors. This commercial roof coating is suitable for high UV environments where a reflective roof is desired. Companies make acrylic roof coatings with specialized versions that can be applied to specific substrates. 

Polyurethane coatings are typically solvent-based and come in two main types: aromatic (UV-stable) and aliphatic. Urethane has good mechanical properties and high abrasion resistance, and tensile strength. They are most effectively used against hail, where the surface is exposed to heavy traffic.

Silicone roof coatings, like acrylics, are suitable for high-UV environments because it reflects the sun’s rays. A silicone roof coating is used most effectively against rain, when the roofs are wet and have ponding water.

Now is the best time to schedule a professional inspection of your current roofing systems with Classic Roofing. They have in-depth knowledge of all roofing materials and systems. The team at Classic Roofing will give you good news on how they can add 20 years to your commercial flat roof. Call Today!


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Commercial Roof Coating