Customer Review: Anne

“I’ve worked with this outstanding company over 25 years. Not only has he done my roof but my parents home and then alerted us when the shingle company was doing a recall on the shingles and we were able to get a new roof. If Richard had not reached out to us to make us aware of the issue we could have gone for a number of years unaware and have had great damaged done to our roof and home. The cost and damage could have been enormous. When we have sudden severe storms pop up and we have some slight damage or shingles to repair they come out right away and go beyond the standard care. They take countless pictures to show you exactly what the problem is and how to resolve it. Just about a month or so back we discover we had some chimney damage. The company came out and took pictures and showed us the problem and repaired everything beautifully and painted and THEN ACTUALLY SWEPT CLEAN A SEAM FULL OF LEAVES. I was beyond thrilled because from our driveway I could see the roof and saw where two seams met and quite a few leaves had gathered. My only complaint is that they don’t do electrical, plumbing, etc. Lol! I’d adore to have all my home service needs taken care of by them. They are second to none. I’d award 10 stars if they’d let me.”